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club Championship results 2023

Kinross Otters welcomed swimmers, parents and guardians to our Club Championship Presentation on Friday, 15th December at the Community Campus.  

It was a great night celebrating the young people of the club!      The evening was finished off with music from local band, Open Waters.

9 & under Girls 50m     

Gold      Phoebe Jones   

Silver     Isla Crane          

Bronze  Lucy Donaldson


9 & under Boys 50m     

Gold      Nathan Kenny   

Silver     Lochlan Lambert            

Bronze  Lochlan Smyth


10 & under (10) Girls     

Gold      Niamh McGourty           

Silver     Lucy Jackson     

Bronze  Emma McIntyre


10 & under (10) Boys     

Gold      Callum McElroy

Silver     Rory Walker      


12 & under (11/12) Girls            

Gold      Aila Wilson & Anna Jackson       

Bronze  Mia McCluskey


12 & under (11/12)        Boys     

Gold      Lewis Smith       

Silver     Ewan Smith       

Bronze  Magnus Lambert


(13)/14 Belleisle Trophy    Girls 

Gold      Lucy Couch       

Silver     Jessica Sloan     

Bronze  Eve Rankin


13/14 Dunblane Trophy   Boys 

Gold      Matthew Kenny

Silver     Alex Bailey        

Bronze  Thomas Aitken


Seniors (15+)     Girls                    

Gold      Charlotte Chadwick       

Silver     Grace McCall    

Bronze  Hannah Breingan


Seniors (15+)     Boys                   

Gold      Hayden McKenzie          

Silver     Stuart Pritchard


Bronze Grils Squad  100IM         

Gold      Phoebe Jones   

Silver     Mairi McKie      

Bronze  Heidi Milne


Bronze  Boys      100 IM 

Gold      Brodie Hearnden           

Silver     Finlay Rickman 

Bronze  Callum McElroy


Silver     Girls      100 IM 

Gold      Amelia Guthrie 

Silver     Amy Orrock       

Bronze  Ariana Paterson


Silver     Boys      100 IM 

Gold      Wil Kirke            

Silver     Thomas Aitken 

Bronze  Kaiden Moffat


Gold      Girls      200 IM 

Gold      Anna Jackson    

Silver     Aila Wilson        

Bronze  Isla Gordon


Gold      Boys      200 IM 

Gold      Lewis Smith       

Silver     Magnus Lambert            

Bronze  Douglas Thomson


Platinum            Girls      200 IM 

Gold      Charlotte Chadwick       

Silver     Grace McCall    

Bronze  Lucy Couch


Platinum            Boys      200 IM 

Gold      Hayden McKenzie          

Silver     Stuart Pritchard

Bronze  Matthew Kenny


Eilidh Neave Trophy for Bronze Newcomer - 50m Breaststroke - Tibbie Cillan-Taylor      


Bronze Coaches Award  -  Euan McKie                                               

Silver Coaches Award  -  Amelia Guthrie                                           

Gold Coaches Award  -  Lily Pritchard                                                

Platinum Coaches Award  -  Jessica Sloan                                                       

Swimmer of the Year Girls  -  Charlotte Chadwick                                                   

Swimmer of the Year Boys  -  Matthew Kenny                             


Once again thank you to our Coaches and Volunteers who put together such a fantastic evening!             

Swimming Pool
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