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Angus Pentaqua Round 1

Another fantastic and fun day out for Kinross Otters ASC, in Montrose this time.

This meet featured 15 swimmers taking part in 5 events each; 50Bk, 50Brs, 50Fly, 50Fr and either 100 or 200 IM dependant on age. All swimmers were amazing, and left the meet with huge PBs and huge smiles!

Medal winners were:

Aila - Bk Silver Brs Bronze Fly Silver Fr Gold

Christina - Bk Silver, Brs Gold, Fr Silver

Jessica - Bk Gold, Fly Bronze, Fr Silver

Stuart - Bk Gold, Fly Gold, Fr Gold, IM Silver

Charlotte - Bk Gold, Fly Bronze, Fr Silver, IM Bronze

Isla - Fly Silver

Anna - Fr Gold

Mia - 200IM Gold

Speeding tickets - Aila 100IM, Anna amd Christina 200IM

Thank you all for your efforts today; both in the pool and out. Great work and great camaraderie all round!

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