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Midland Sprint Championships

19 swimmers took the first trip of the season North. 11 of these swimmers made finals (top 6 in the District) over 27 events!

Medal winners include:

Lucy 🥉 100IM 🥉 50Bk

Anna J 🥈 100IM 🥇 50Brs 🥈 50Fr

Matthew 🥈 50Fly

Jessica 🥈 50Bk

Ewan 🥉 50Bk

Special mentions to:

Anna J - 🏆 Midland District Champion 10-12yr 50m Brs

Aila W - fastest 11 yr old in all her events

Isla G - 7 secs off 100Fr time trial

Christina - 6.2 secs off 100Brs time trial

Ewan - 6.9 off 100Bk time trial

Grace - 6.4 secs off 100Fly time trial

Well done to all our athletes, and thanks, as always, to our Coaches on poolside and those who volunteered as Technical Officials:)

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