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Midlands Mid-March Long Course Meet

Kinross Otters had a busy month in March which included the Midlands Mid-March Long Course Meet on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March at Olympia in Dundee.

We had a successful day on the Saturday in terms of medal winning swims, and some agonisingly close to SNAGS (Scottish National Age Group) qualifying times. We also had 3 swimmers - Douglas, Lewis and Ewan - taking part in their first ever long course session.

Saturday Medal winners were as follows…

400Fr: Charlotte GOLD, Anna GOLD, Aila SILVER

200Bk: Stuart GOLD, Hannah GOLD, Jess SILVER, Aila SILVER, Mia BRONZE

100Brs: Hayden BRONZE

200IM: Matthew BRONZE, Hayden BRONZE

200Fly: Lily BRONZE

100Fr: Hayden GOLD, Matthew GOLD, Anna GOLD, Charlotte SILVER, Jess BRONZE ,Aila BRONZE, Ewan BRONZE

1500Fr: Hannah GOLD

Sunday brought more personal bests, medals and SNAGS qualifying times, but the most noticeable skill was The Otters team spirit. Our young people supported each other through the nerves and the first-time swims, cheering each other on, walking miles up and down poolside encouraging their peers to swim just a wee bit stronger! Better than medals, are the smiles on the faces when they achieve something new, and there were plenty of both this weekend.

Sunday Medal Winners were as follows:

200Fr: Charlotte GOLD, Anna SILVER, Aila BRONZE Hayden BRONZE

100Bk: Stuart GOLD, Hannah SILVER, Anna BRONZE

200IM: Anna GOLD, Lucy BRONZE, Jessica BRONZE

200Brs: Lucy BRONZE

800Fr: Charlotte GOLD, Hannah BRONZE, Aila BRONZE

Special mentions go to Charlotte and Anna for smashing every swim and gaining SNAGS times along the way.

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