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National Junior Academy training aberdeen

Another busy Sunday for Kinross Otters ASC members.

Coaches Fiona and Lisa accompanied Matthew and Johnny on their final Junior Academy day in Aberdeen. Here, they joined forces with other Midland District peers and North District Junior Academy swimmers to run through some pre-comp thinking and land training. These sessions were bookended by 2 x 2 hour pool sessions!!

Back home, the Bronze and Silver squad swimmers, supported by a big team of volunteer coaches, poolside helpers and technical officials held another successful time trial. Race experience was the main aim of the day - building confidence in their new abilities and testing their speed and stamina against the clock. The times collected can be used for entering competitions in the New Year for keen young competitors.

Most importantly, these sessions help create social opportunities and builds friendships within the Club and across other Clubs and Districts. Precisely what keeps our young people involved in their sport!

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