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the club Needs you

Dear Otters Parents / Guardians,

I hope you were able to join us at last night’s Club Champs award ceremony - there was quite a buzz in the pool cafe area, and it was lovely seeing the swimmers applauding those who were awarded trophies.

At the next AGM in June, the club has three vital roles which must be filled, or the club will not be able to or permitted to operate by Scottish Swimming. These roles are Club Secretary, Vice-Chair, and my own role as Club Chair.

I am writing to inform you that I will be standing down as the active Club Chair at the next Committee Meeting on March 29th. The reason as to why the timing is short is simple. I have close family members whose health is now my priority.

I cannot emphasise enough the priority of getting volunteers for these roles in place. Without new volunteers, the club cannot operate, and if the club cannot operate, its members cannot train or compete.

I am aware I am being forthright in my tone, but I want to clearly state the challenge the club currently faces. We need volunteers to operate. We need these roles filled. It is vital that the committee structure represents the voices from each of the five squads. The club belongs to its members.

I have chaired the club since 2017, and the recipe for success is simple. Engage the members, getting parents to volunteer and be part of the club and the swimmers’ journeys. When this is done, swimmers stay with the club longer, getting more from the sport, and the club environment excels. Is it effective? Yes, it’s why we won Scottish Swimming’s Club of the Year in 2019.

The impact of Covid has not left the club unscarred. It has broken the regular in-person contact between parents during training sets, which facilitates the constant flow of volunteers in all areas of the club. It has resulted in a disproportionate percentage of our volunteers being parents of swimmers at the senior end of the club. Those swimmers will be moving on and will leave the club with a volunteering gap.

The opportunity is there for you to be involved and shape the next chapter of the club.

Financially, the club is in excellent health; we have grown our swimmer base; the coaching team are training our swimmers magnificently; and there are significant funds ready to invest in the next chapter. Scottish Swimming have dedicated teams to support the club in its development. The outgoing officers - Sam, Ann Marie, and myself - are all ready and willing to provide comprehensive hand-overs and be available for queries.

I cannot put it any other way, the club needs you.

To get involved in whatever way, please contact or

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