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Volunteers - We Need You!

We are delighted to see Covid-19 restrictions lifting and competitions beginning again for all swimmers. At last, we can welcome parents and carers back into the pool environment to watch their children train and support them in club activities.

When your swimmer became an Otter, you agreed to the volunteering policy when registering them on the swim portal. Please don’t let this terrify you! All it means is that we need and value every member of our community. In fact, everyone involved in Kinross Otters is a volunteer, from our Head Coach and her team of coaches and poolside helpers to our Chair and his team of committee members.

Training Time

We are restarting training for Technical Officials whom we are required to supply at competitions. COVID has severely hampered our training in this area but now we are raring to go! If your child is competing, you are required to make yourself available to assist as either a Timekeeper or a Judge.

Timekeepers No previous experience is required and ALL parent/carers should start here! We will be running a 3-hour course at Live Active Loch Leven in the next few weeks, likely on a Sunday afternoon during Bronze and Silver training. Please watch for this being advertised (via Facebook and Email) and sign yourself up.

Judges If you are already a trained Timekeeper, please get in touch so we can arrange for you start your Judge training.

Committee Calling

We currently have three critical gaps in our committee and, for us to continue to provide our swimmers with the opportunities that we do, we need them filled urgently.

Membership Secretary This role MUST be filled at the AGM in June (date TBD); otherwise, we will be unable to fulfil our obligations to keep our swimmers and other club members registered, and we will be uninsured. It could be split between two people who would

  • Register new swimmers on our club membership system: Active Swim Manager

  • Register members and renew annual memberships with Scottish Swimming

  • Set up squad billing schedules and ensure payment of monthly subs and meet fees

  • Send communications to parents/carers

Senior Volunteer/Swimming Technical Officials (STO) Coordinator This role is currently vacant and must be filled asap; otherwise, we may be unable to meet the required number of officials required at events and/or be fined, and our swimmers may not be allowed to compete. It requires no knowledge of swimming or officiating and requires you to

  • Work alongside our current Junior STO Coordinator (Nicola Dibley)

  • Organise poolside volunteers to assist at Gold/Platinum training sessions

  • Organise technical officials required at meets attended by Gold/Platinum swimmers

Fundraising Coordinator This role is currently vacant and must be filled asap; otherwise, the funding of club activities will diminish, and we will be unable to continue to develop our swimmers. It could be split between two people who would

  • Work closely with the committee to plans club fundraising activities

  • Ensure events are correctly licensed with local authorities and Scottish Swimming

  • Complete grant applications

  • Ensure all monies raised are correctly accounted for and passed to the Treasurer

  • Work with the Press Officer to promote events in the local community

Take The Plunge!

We can’t do this without you! When everybody is on board, then we can stay afloat, and no-one is left high and dry.

Get trained as a Timekeeper or Judge

Take on a committee role

Split a committee role with a friend

Contact a committee member for a chat

Get in touch with any questions

We will bring you up to speed quickly, and look forward to working with you as you support the club to support your swimmer.

Thank you for your support,

Sam Leonard, Vice-Chairperson

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